Giving Value

The main reason why this website is created is to give value to the people. Now from the e-mails that I have received I know what the readers want.

As I start this article I want you to know that I’m strictly giving value here. I’m not associated with any of these companies, and I’m not in a affiliate program. It is up to you to decide what you are going to do after this article but I want you the readers to know that this is only here to help.

Now before you start reading the interesting methods and ways on how you can earn money on the internet I want to remind you this one more time. It is entirely up to you on how much money you are going to make with the methods. If you put in work the money will come, but if you lay on your back all day nothing will change. If you truly devote your time in learning and investing wisely I think you can become a successful entrepreneur one day. Before you critique the methods without even trying them I suggest only one thing… Get started!

Affiliate Marketing

From the messages I see that a lot of people are interested in affiliate marketing, and I shall listen to my readers. The thing with affiliate marketing is that it takes time and money to learn the whole thing, and truly I can’t explain every trick and tip in one article, so I suggest you do the following.

Check out “Wealthy Affiliate”. WA or Wealthy Affiliate abbreviated is a huge online course as well as a affiliate network. I recommend WA because of the outstanding for beginners on where they teach you how you can earn money on the internet through affiliate offers. Their payout is always on time (if you do end up joining their network) and they always check up on you.

“But there are probably a lot of other courses that teach the same thing, so why pick them?” This is something you might be wondering, and the reason for that is their network of people. WA is the only website that I know that allows it’s students to chat with each other easily. You can find and contact like minded people easily and it is fun to communicate with them. You can form your very own mastermind group that may benefit every person in it.

I highly recommend you check out their courses, but the quality of the courses isn’t the only reason I recommend them. It’s because of the people inside the courses, with their help you can get your online career started, or if you already have it all started you can take it to another level!


You might be wondering what the hell is Reddit doing here? No need to worry because I can assure you that Reddit can make you money. Reddit for some is a great place to get interesting news, and for others it is a source of income. It is considered a source of income because of the humongous traffic it owns. I’m here to help you use that traffic and make it your own income source.

To start off your income flow you will need Reddit link karma. I will not go through the whole process of explaining to you how Reddit works, but you can read it here.

If you want to use the potential of this website you should try not to get banned. To do that read and understand the page above. What I would recommend you do is to make a news website. Find what you would like to post about, put ads on it from adsense, and make an interesting new and original article. Later you can share that article, and get enormous Reddit traffic. If they click on your ads you are going to make money, it’s as simple as that.


It not an everyday thing where you get to find a website with up to date methods. POJ (Paid-Online-Jobs) is one of those websites. The website has interesting ways on how you can earn money (if you dislike the ones above). You can choose from a variety of different methods that you might like.

It’s interesting because the website also offers a lot of tips and tricks in online marketing. They offer interesting courses as well as links you can follow to expand your knowledge.

I recommend you at least checkout this page, because at the end of the day it is free. Although good knowledge is not free, you can find interesting stuff on the website. POJ offers you reviews of products and websites so that you know what to use and what to avoid.

Some Motivation

Listen to the question and be honest. “What would you do if this was your last Monday morning?” Would you worry about the uncompleted mission on your game? Would you worry about the test you have not studied for? You need to be pumped today. You need to do something that is going to matter, and that something needs to be fulfilling. It needs to help you or someone else. Because at the end of the day, you are not doing any good to the world if you are not helping someone else.

Do Something With Your Life & Take Action

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